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Transforming the Transportation Industry with Impactful Color

Transportation companies that manufacture bicycles, trains, airplanes, busses, and more are facing transformational trends that will change the way people get from point A to point B. A new foundation has been paved to achieve a more sustainable, accessible, affordable, and safe means of transit while ensuring the customer experience is not jeopardized. It’s imperative to keep customers’ needs front and center when adapting to these changes. 

What does that mean for the transportation industry? Manufacturers and suppliers have one chance to build each vehicle to exact customer standards. If not, rejections, waste, and added man hours will accumulate. 

According to Digital Information World, 93% of consumers reported focusing on visual appearance when buying a product. This demonstrates how dramatically color can affect behavior, and how important it is to consider when building brand awareness. An end-to-end color measurement solution that can measure and control color and appearance will ensure vehicle manufacturers stay on top of current trends and adapt as new ones are introduced.

Customizable solutions from X-Rite enable transportation manufacturers to:

Quality Control for Transportation Manufacturers:

To effectively control color quality throughout production, you need digital data. A spectrophotometer coupled with quality control software gives you accurate color data to communicate, control, and evaluate color throughout your entire workflow.

  • MA-5 QC Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer: Removes the subjectivity of color evaluation by capturing color data on complex color samples in less than 3 seconds for faster and easier approval cycles.
  • Ci64 Sphere Spectrophotometer: Measures smooth and textured surfaces, like interior bus seats and trim, with greater accuracy and color control.
  • Harmony Room: A customizable fit-and-finish room for dedicated color evaluation of large, assembled items to ensure each product appears as the customer will see it.

Featured Resources

The importance of having the right device cannot be overstated. Join our webinar to learn more about our top three spectrophotometers and how to apply them to your specific workflow.

Learn how the MA-5 QC multi-angle spectrophotometer and EFX QC software control color and appearance on bus and train special effect coatings and track data for process improvement.

A color tolerance can ensure consistency and minimize variability. This whitepaper offers tips to select the right color tolerancing method and set a realistic color tolerance.

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