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Control Color Throughout the Production Line

With pressure to reduce waste and speed up time to market coming from all angles, extruders must continuously evaluate processes and solutions to ensure they have the right set of solutions to keep the line moving. 

X-Rite solutions can span the entire process – including inspection of incoming raw materials, color matching in the laboratory, measuring the product directly on the machine, quality control, automatic closed loop control of colorants and final inspection – to keep color and brightness in harmony.

Customizable solutions from X-Rite Pantone provide extrusion professionals the ability to:

Trust X-Rite Pantone to ensure a quick and accurate inspection of incoming materials and throughout the line.

Color Inspection for Extruders:

Inspecting color of incoming materials before extrusion begins is critical to keeping business running efficiently. X-Rite solutions help quickly identify color inconsistencies.

  • Ci7800:

    Ensure accurate and quick inspection of incoming raw pellets with our Ci7800 benchtop spectrophotometer that has reflectance and transmission measurement, as well as fixturing accessories to accommodate different sample sizes and shapes.
  • NetProfiler:

    Verifies all devices are calibrated and optimized for color measurement to guarantee all devices are delivering the same measurement data, reducing inconsistencies across devices and providing incoming material inspection confidence.
  • Color iQC:

    Color iQC analyzes why color errors occur, identifies leading indicators to enable adjustments to the process and ensure incoming materials and final products meet color expectations.

Inline Color Measurement for Extruders:

Measuring and monitoring color on the production line is key to ensuring stable and accurate color on the color, minimizing cost and waste that can result in thousands of dollars in financial loss. X-Rite solutions provides operators the tools they need to avoid these costly line errors and rework.

  • ERX130:

    This inline measurement spectrophotometer features a large measurement spot of 90 mm (3.5”) to measure on the line, without contact and deliver a good average of the measured color on a full range of textured, finely patterned, and gloss samples.
  • ColorXRA 45:

    This inline measurement spectrophotometer measures color, whiteness, and brightness and evaluates color deviation to enable corrections. With standardized 45°:0° measurement geometry, it provides good correlation to laboratory instruments.
  • ESWIN Closed-Loop Color Control:

    When combined with an X-Rite inline color measurement instrument, ESWin CLCC manages color quality on continuous process manufacturing lines, displays results, and runs automatic in-line closed-loop color control on plastics machinery.


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