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X-Rite Learning - Color Education and Training

There’s so much involved in achieving accurate color, it can be hard to know where to start. As the industry leader in color science and technology, X-Rite offers a variety of information and opportunities to help you acquire the skills you need to get your color right. From basic color theory to color management methodology and continuous technical education, we offer a wealth of information that fits every learning style, schedule, and budget. Start your search below. 

With options such as seminars, classrooms, on-site trainings & eLearning modules, X-Rite training services help you make the most out of your color investment.

The key to successful color management is knowledge. Led by industry experts, our informative online webinars make it easy for you to learn about the topics that impact your workflow.

Whether you’re looking for helpful tips or a better way to manage your color, check out our case studies to learn how companies like yours are finding success with X-Rite solutions.

From general color science information to technical tips for a successful color managed workflow, our easy-to-read whitepapers address color topics for every industry.

Trade shows and industry events give us the chance to meet our customers, offer demonstrations, and provide personal guidance on choosing the best solutions.

Whether you want to discover your Color IQ, browse the Glossary, or read about the latest color trends on the Blog, you can do it all – right here.

Our Application Briefs outline innovative ways to measure and control color on your unique substrates and materials to refine and simplify your business processes.

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