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Facing the World of Cosmetics

The cosmetic industry is constantly evolving. From virtual try-on to ingredient transparency, big developments are inspiring leading brands to embark on high-tech overhauls across product development, manufacturing, marketing, and customer experience. As the cosmetics industry continues to shift to new demographics, trends, and products, cosmetic color measurement solutions are more important than ever.

Cosmetics like lipstick, nail polish, foundation, and eyeshadow are made from a variety of textured and wet surfaces, including powders, creams, and liquids. This creates a challenge for manufacturers who must measure and control cosmetic color and packaging, consistently and between product lines. X-Rite’s cosmetic color measurement solutions capture color, appearance, brilliance, and effects, without contaminating the measurement device optics, for brand-consistent results.

X-Rite’s solutions ensure color accuracy for cosmetic color measurement by:

Our Coverage for Cosmetics:

Lipstick & Nail Polish

Lipstick and nail polish come in a variety of colors and effect finishes to capture trends and enhance a look. Aesthetics is paramount, and reliable color measurement tools ensure creative vision is realized in each product.

Cream, Liquid, and Lotion

Cosmetic foundations and concealers are created in a variety of colors and textures. The aesthetic success of cosmetics is the result of consistent, accurate color, driven by reliable and easy-to-use color measurement solutions.

Loose and Compact Powder

A demand for sheen and tint characteristics is creating the need for new powders with unique colors and effects. With precise color measurement tools, expensive ingredients are not wasted as product will be color accurate, time after time.

Health & Beauty Packaging

To achieve retail success, brands must be easily identifiable on the shelf through accurate color reproduction on every type of packaging. The right color measurement solutions establish achievable color print specifications and remove subjectivity.

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