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Deliver on Customer Expectations by Managing Color for Commercial Print

As the cost of materials continues to increase and the demand for shorter runs further impacts profitability, last minute changes, difficulty achieving customer requirements, and adhering to print specifications can feel overwhelming. Managing your process and achieving the very best color – during specification and design, throughout formulation, on press, and in every finished product – is key. X-Rite Pantone can help you get there. 

When your clients are producing marketing and promotional materials, color has the power to break through the clutter and establish brand identity. At X-Rite Pantone, we partner with our customers to identify areas of workflow sophistication and deliver scalable solutions that cater to specific needs and growth opportunities. Our range of tools includes color standards, software, and instrumentation to streamline workflows and produce timely and consistent color across each substrate and every job.

Customizable solutions from X-Rite Pantone provide Commercial Print professionals the ability to:

X-Rite Pantone’s comprehensive product solutions address your immediate challenges and put you on a path to achieve accurate and consistent color each and every time.


It is important to have the right tools for formulation to deliver fast and accurate color recipes that account for substrates, ink volume, and the re-use of leftovers. With X-Rite formulation solutions, you can reduce the steps to an acceptable match, manage ink recipes and assortments, provide consistent color reproduction, improve basic material handling, and reduce hazardous waste and ink inventories.

  • InkFormulation Software: InkFormulation Software is part of an end-to-end color workflow that gives ink suppliers, printers, and packaging converters flexibility and control over recipes and assortments, improves basic material handling, simplifies definition of the right ink film thickness and helps reduce hazardous waste. It also makes it easier to use leftover inks and press returns, reducing overall ink inventories.
  • PantoneLIVE: Specifies and communicates color standards throughout the production process to ensure accurate and repeatable color regardless of substrate, printing technology, or ink types used.

Quality Control:

It’s imperative to your operation to have consistent color throughout the supply chain using configurable options. X-Rite provides industry-leading quality control hardware and software to ensure color can be easily measured, controlled, and evaluated throughout the workflow and across the globe.

  • eXact Advanced: The preferred instrument of ink labs and quality control labs, the eXact Advanced spectrophotometer is designed to help you achieve the highest quality product with the broadest toolset. Helping you save time and reduce waste for your operation.
  • ColorCert: In an increasingly competitive environment, printers must ensure color is right the first time and every time. Adding ColorCert Desktop Tools to your workflow aids in the creation of print specifications, provides measurement and certification of proofs, and provides print process control on press and in real time.

Learn how an X-Rite closed loop solution that includes a scanning system and integrated third party software offers commercial printers an affordable way to automate press process control.

How are the iconic Pantone guides produced? What are the common color challenges? Best color practices? How do you manage expectations with your customers? Join this webinar for answers!

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