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Is there a color term that’s kept you wondering? Check out our Glossary. Interested in knowing your Color IQ? Take the Online Color Challenge to find out how you stack up.  Whether you’re trying to implement a color workflow or want to read about the latest color news and industry trends, start browsing our other resources to see what you can learn.

How well do you see color? Take the X-Rite Color Challenge to find out.

Color management ensures that the colors captured by a camera are the same colors that will appear on the monitor, and the same colors that will print. Read our article to learn more.

A color measurement device used to capture and evaluate color, spectrophotometers can be used to measure just about anything, while ensuring color remains consistent from conception to delivery.

A pressroom densitometer or spectrodensitometer measures ink density on a color bar, providing feedback to the press operator as to how to adjust ink levels should density readings be too high or low.

Colorimeters are tristimulus (three-filtered) devices that make use of red, green, and blue filters to emulate the response of the human eye to light and color.

Although it may see overwhelming to choose the best color measurement device for your workflow, it really comes down to two factors.

If you’ve identified that your business has a color problem but don’t know how to fix it, adding color measurement into your workflow may be the best place to start.

Watch this short video to see how X‑Rite can help you solve your color control issues!

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