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Even small changes to your color quality control program can make a big impact and minimize customer rejections due to color. In this webinar, you’ll learn the importance of digital color data.


Improve Color Quality Control with Digital Color Data


A spectrophotometer is a color measurement device that captures reflected or transmitted light across the visible spectrum to create a “fingerprint” of a color. This digital data can help you effectively control color quality throughout production. Digital color data can be used to communicate, control, and evaluate color throughout your workflow. Depending on what you're measuring, there are different types of spectrophotometers available. 


You Will Learn:

  • The common types of instrument geometries to capture digital color data
  • How to measure different sample properties, including:
    • Measurement modes
    • Reflectance vs transmissive
    • SPIN / SPEX
  • How to ensure your instrument is measuring correctly 

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