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MA-5 QC Firmware v1.26

名前: MA-5 QC Firmware

バージョン: v1.26

旧バージョン: v1.19

リリース日: 1月 4, 2022

ファイルタイプ: Zipped Binary

ファイルをダウンロード: Binary Download


Install instructions:

  • Unzip the firmware binary to a folder on your local hard drive
  • Open the MA3-5 Utility tool
  • Connect the instrument with your PC
  • Select “Download Firmware to Instrument” and select the up-date file MA-5 QC Firmware v1.26 (Topaz_1.26.bin).
  • The new Firmware is uploaded to the instrument.
  • Check the instrument

Firmware improvements since v1.19

  • Support asymmetric tolerances
  • XColorQC , instrument trigger in tethered mode
  • Improved handling of WiFi settings
  • Connect to EFX with WiFi
  • Increase number of job templates to 30