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i1Studio v1.5.0

名前: i1Studio

バージョン: v1.5.0

旧バージョン: v1.1.2

リリース日: 9月 12, 2019

ファイルタイプ: PC - Self-Extracting EXE, Mac - Zipped Package file

ファイルをダウンロード: Mac バージョン PC バージョン


i1Studio software supports both the i1Display Studio colorimeter and i1Studio spectrophotometer providing the ability to profile monitors, projectors, scanners and printers. Modules are activated based on device connected. Monitor module supports both photo and video workflows. Printer modules include ability to create profiles for both color prints and Black & White prints. Profile Optimization module is designed to optimize a profile using colors extracted from a specific image and/or measured spot colors.

  • Adds support for i1Display Studio device
  • Updated color engine for greater color accuracy
  • Minor bug fixes