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EZcolor OSX only

Download: EZcolor (OSX only)

Version: v2.6.6

Previous Version: none

Release Date: 4/30/2007

File Type: Mac - Macintosh Disk Image File (dmg)

Download: Mac Version

Notes:EZcolor has truly established itself as a benchmark color management solution, and as registered user you expect the product grow with you. The following free update (v2.6.6) allows you take advantage of an expanded set of monitor calibration devices such as Eye-One Display 2, a product formally offered by GretagMacbeth (Now part of X-Rite).

You must own a copy of MonacoEZcolor v2.50 or higher to take advantage of this free upgrade.

You will need a copy of your software serial number to complete the upgrade.  The serial number may be found on the original jewel case or packaging that came with the product or may be found on the "About" screen in the running application.

Mac Install -

  • Close MonacoEZcolor and all other applications.

  • Download the disk image file to your desktop. 

  • Double-click the DMG file to mount the virtual hard drive: the drive will open as "EZcolor266". 

  • To continue, double-click the EZcolor Installer.

  • You will need to enter your name, company, and serial number during the install process.

  • Please keep a record of these data.  You will need them for future upgrades.

  • Following the installation, you may unmount the virtual drive and delete the DMG file.