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ColorDesigner ColorX Instrument Fix SP1_4

Download:ColorDesigner ColorX Instrument Fix


Release Date:10/8/2007

File Type: PC - ZIP file

Download: PC Version


NOTE:  SP1.4 is only intended for use with ColorDesigner versions v10.0 and v10.1.

This patch (SP1.4) fixes a conflict between ColorDesigner and ColorX software when both are installed on the same system.

If the ColorDesigner system has internet access then download this ZIP file to your desktop or any other folder of your choosing.  If the ColorDesigner system is not connected to internet, first download this ZIP file and then copy it onto USB flash drive*. Continue by copying the ZIP file to your desktop or any other folder of your choosing.

Once the ZIP file has been extracted to your computer, open Windows explorer and navigate to the appropriate folder.

Run "ColorDesignerUpdate.exe".

For additional installation notes click here.


If for any reason ColorDesigner is reinstalled, it will be necessary to add this service patch again.

For help running this patch and other questions, please contact our Customer Success Team @ 800-572-4626 ext 3.


* It is also possible to burn the downloaded file onto a CD (rather than USB).