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SVBRDF 1.3 with Non-refracting ClearCoat
February 3, 2017

Notes: Notes: AxF 1.3 supports SVBRDF with non-refracting clear coat. This format is required for compatibility with NVIDIA’s MDL format.

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Preview Viewpoint

Material Name:  X-Rite_Coated_Leather_NR
Model:  SVBRDF 1.3
Settings:  Non-refractive clear coat, Leather, Isotropic, white speculars
Description:  Black leather with a vinyl coating. This material contains two normal maps, one for the clear coat, the other for the leather under the clear coat.

AxF and Render Sample (Size: 9.8 MB)
AxF and Exports (Size: 13.4 MB)