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964 Firmware - F203

Download: 962 0°/45° Instrument Firmware

Version: F203

Previous Version: D411

Release Date: 2/9/2005

File Type: Self-extracting Executable

Download: PC Version

Notes: 962_vF203.exe is a self-extracting executable file that includes the firmware file and complete instructions for the update process. The update process requires ToolCrib version 4.1 or greater.

 You can download ToolCrib here (v5.014).

When the self-extracting file is run, it will allow you to select a folder for storage of the extracted files. If no action is taken the files will be stored on your 'C:\' drive in a folder named 'TempXR'.  This folder may be deleted after you conclude the upgrade of your firmware.

History: What's new in the 939/963/964 Build F203 release:

Fixed a "skip next tag" bug in job mode -- If the customer created a job using 'next' tag(s) assigned to a particular measurement, and the customer decided to skip that particular measurement, the tag(s) assigned would not get cleared out properly. So the next measurement taken would end up with the tag(s) from the skipped measurement in addition to its own tag(s). More erroneous tags were assigned to the next measurement taken depending on how many measurements were skipped. The fix was to remove next tags whenever the 'next' button is pressed in Job mode which skips to the next stopping point in the job.

Lowered the maximum temperatures allowed for fast charge to operate from 44C to 42C.-- Over the past year there have been problems with the instrument when used in a 100% tethered mode. Occasionally an instrument would end up getting the "batteries are overcharged" message. The message shows up when the thermal cutoff in the battery pack opens up when it gets too hot. The cutoff is designed for 50C but has a 10% tolerance which may end up being around 45C worst case. Originally cutoff for Fast Charge was set at 44C. It has been noticed that even after Fast Charge is turned off at 44C battery temp. can continue to climb another 1.5 degrees to 45.5C. If that happened battery temp. would rise above the 45C worst case cut off an potentially cause the "batteries are overcharged" message. With the Fast Charge cut off set at 42C, the temp rise after cut off continues to about 43.5c and does not trip the thermal cutoff.

Added the ability to upload and download Japanese Characters (Katakana and Hiragana) to and from X-RiteColor Master software (standard & project names, job text, etc)

Updated code so that the reflectance graph shows both Sample and Standard curves.