The Ci7000 series benchtop spectrophotometer offers the ability to measure in both reflective and transmission mode, a variety of aperture plates to measure a wide range of sample sizes, and multiple fixtures and accessories to accommodate different types of sample materials.

Reflective and Transmission Modes | Measure Opaque, Transparent, and Translucent Samples

Benchtop spectrophotometers measure in either transmission or reflectance mode to capture and quantify color on various opaque, transparent, and translucent samples. Reflectance spectrophotometers measure color on opaque surfaces by flashing light onto the surface of the sample and measuring the percentage of reflection. Transmission spectrophotometers project light through transparent and translucent samples and detectors on the other side pick up the wavelengths and amount of light that pass through and quantify it as a percentage transmission.
The Ci7600, Ci7800, and Ci7860 benchtops measure in five modes:

  • Direct transmission measurements for transparent samples
  • Total transmission measurements for translucent samples
  • Reflective or transmission measurements to capture both reflectance and transmission data to evaluate color and opacity
  • Haze measurements for translucent samples that scatter light
  • Dual SPIN/SPEX reflectance measurement with different aperture sizes

These devices adhere to ASTM D1003 Part B for haze, ASTM E1348 – Std. Test Method for Transmittance and Color by Spectrophotometry Using Hemispherical Geometry, and ISO 22892 transmittance standard.

Aperture Plates | Accommodate Different Sample Sizes

While larger apertures capture a larger portion of the sample for a more uniform measurement, smaller apertures are more versatile and easier to capture small samples or position around defects. Our Ci7000 series offers switchable reflectance and transmission aperture plates up to 25mm or as small as 3.5 (in reflection), making it the perfect solution for many different applications.

  • Available Transmission Aperture Plates: 20, 17, 19, and 6 mm depending on model
  • Available Reflectance Aperture Plates: 25, 17, 10, 6 and 3.5 mm

Fixtures and Accessories | Measure Small, Liquid, and Odd-Shaped Samples

It can be difficult to achieve color accuracy for irregularly shaped products like liquids, plastics, cans, and powders. We offer many parts and accessories for our Ci7000 series to measure a variety of samples in odd shapes and sizes, including:

  • A Test Tube Holder and Reflectance Cuvette to measure liquids
  • A Port Up Accessory Feet Kit to take vertical measurements on samples like powders
  • A 25 mm Glass Aperture to present specimens behind glass
  • Transmission Kits to hold translucent and transparent samples and liquids for repeatable measurements
  • Dust Filter Kit to protect the device from contamination

Contact us to learn more about the measurement versatility our Ci7000 series offers.