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Plastic is an inexpensive, versatile, lightweight material that provides a lot of value and benefits but can be complicated and complex to produce, especially with increasingly complex color palettes and other specifications like flame retardation and recyclability coming into play. With the right tools, processes and basic color understanding, color doesn't have to be a burden in producing plastic product.


Enhance your knowledge of plastic color to become a more valuable player in the product lifecycle process.

During this SPE-sponsored webinar, our Color Experts will help you understand the life of a plastic color and how your particular role in that lifecycle can help expedite the product development process.

You Will Learn:

  • Help you understand how to bridge the gap between color and appearance
  • Importance of using physical and digital tools
  • How to choose the right toolset for your workflow and needs 

Register now to enhance your knowledge of the plastic color lifecycle. 


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