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In this 4-part webinar series, we will explore the life of a color and explain how to expedite accurate color from inspiration through final production.


Life of a Color Session 2: Color Specification

To ensure the design intent is manufacturable on certain substrates like plastics, metals, textiles, and leathers, it is imperative to test with color measurement instruments. In this second session we will explain how to use color tools designed for specification to ensure selected colors are achievable and eliminate ambiguity in communicating color.


You Will Learn How To:

  • Ensure final products are the color you expect
  • Select colors that are achievable 
  • Eliminate ambiguity in communicating color

Join all four sessions in this series to learn how to keep color on target as it moves through a lifecycle.


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Meet tight color tolerances; Ci7800 Benchtop Spectrophotometer



X-Rite MetaVue VS3200; Non-contact and liquid color measurement

MetaVue™ シリーズ




12 角度から緻密に測定・特徴化