Fundamentals Seminar Series


Attend this two-day workshop including both the Fundamentals of Color and Instrumentation Seminars. 


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On day one, develop a solid understanding of the numbers of color in our "Fundamentals of Color and Appearance" seminar. Put your new knowledge into action on day two in our "Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Quality Control" hands-on workshop.

Please refer to individual pages for more details:

Day 1: "Fundamentals of Color and Appearance" seminar. 

Day 2: "Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Quality Control" hands-on workshop. 


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If you are not completely satisfied with an X-Rite seminar, we will provide you with a training voucher to attend another future seminar.


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21 days prior to event date 100% refund, 14 days prior to event date 50% refund, less than 14 days no refund will be given.


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Who Should Attend? 

This two day course requires basic color theory knowledge. It will address color control for a variety of industries including retail and apparel brands, business and consumer electronics, automotive, packaging and their related industries in plastics, coatings and textile manufacturing.

This seminar is designed for:

  • Quality Control & Assurance Professionals
  • Lab Technicians
  • Parts Suppliers
  • Manufacturing Specifiers
  • Anyone who evaluates or approves color

If you’re involved in any of these industries, you can’t miss this seminar.

Print, Packaging, and Industrial: ink, dyes, paper, plastics, textiles

  • Apparel

  • Appliances

  • Automotive

  • Building Products

  • Food & Food Packaging

  • Furniture

  • Health & Beauty

  • Manufacturing

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Printing

  • Retail

Why Attend?

Our Fundamentals Training Series combines two great training courses. This workshop is a response to customer demand for a full day of color basics training, followed by a second day of hands-on demonstrations that allow customers to put what they have learned to use.

Knowledgeable Instructors

Our team of speakers and instructors are considered to be industry leaders and have accumulated years of hands-on practical experience and expertise in their respective fields. You’ll learn from experts in areas such as color management, printing, textiles, plastics and more.

After the Seminar

After you’ve attended a seminar, you are encouraged to continue contacting us through your My X-Rite account for additional information or answers to technical questions. Our team will promptly respond to all requests.

Free Materials

As part of the seminar tour, all attendees will receive the Munsell Interactive Learning Kit and a Pantone gift free of charge.

Exclusive Fundamental Training Books

All seminar attendees will also receive X-Rite’s exclusive Fundamentals of Color and Appearance Book and the Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Quality Control Book. These industry acknowledged publications provides a logical and practical approach to solving color and appearance issues related to industrial applications.

Product Discounts

Participants will receive a 10% discount voucher that is valid until December 31, 2018. The voucher cannot exceed $500.00 off a purchase.




  • 色と外見のサイエンス
  • カラーモデル:加法、減法、混合
  • 目の働き:視覚と障害の検証
  • 色情報のコミュニケーション



  • CIE カラーシステムの説明
  • 分光反射率の解析
  • 光源、色温度、照明の数量化



  • 色彩計と分光測色計の違い
  • 装置の光源とUV機能
  • 観察角度、積分球、回折格子
  • 装置の繰り返し精度と再現性



  • 視覚と装置による色評価
  • 正確な観察条件と光源
  • メタメリズムの説明



  • 一貫したカラーマネージメントとポリシーの導入
  • サンプル・数値基準
  • 合否分析
  • 測色システムの制限





  • 45/0と積分球測定の違い 
  • ハンドヘルド、ベンチトップ、非接触装置の使い分け
  • 一般測定モード(RFL/ TRASCI/SCEUVC/UVEx等)
  • 証明書発行と良好なキャリブレーションの重要性 



  • 測定するべき、または避けるべきサンプル
  • 業界特有の測定サンプルの準備 
  • 業界特有の設置サンプルの準備



  • 一般的な色差値(DL*Da*Db* またはDL*DC*Dh
  • 一般的な色空間やトレンドプロット等のカラーグラフ
  • 個別のカラー許容値
  • 一桁の許容値数 


視覚 vs. 数値:

  • 数値は目の認識と一致しますか?
  • ΔE 0.51.0、またはそれ以上の差を認識できますか?



  • スタンダードとトライアルの記録
  • 記録データの参照と評価
  • データベースの検索






FOCA Onsite Training

This FOCA onsite teaches you how to analyze and implement a reliable color quality program.


カラーコミュニケーションの基礎を説明する、6つのモジュールで構成された Web セミナー(日本語)。

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