X-RiteColor Master can't delete a view set

Database corruption can cause various issues with application performance. There are many possible solutions. The following solution is for the most common issue:

Try performing a Check/Repair on the database.

Go to Options in the command line then click on Administration. You will need to enter the admin password, the default is "password". (If this password doesn't work it has been changed and you will need to contact your site's X-Rite administrator.)

In the database XAdmin window click on the Database Management Tab.

In this tab select your database by clicking on it once.

Next click the Check/Repair button on the left.

In the Database Check/Repair window select the top option, Check/Repair All Records.

Next click Start. When the Check/Repair has completed exit the XAdmin window. You should now test the application by trying to deleat the view set again.

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