Loading Pantone Digital Library into a 500 Series Instrument

How to properly load Pantone Digital Library files into a 500 Series device.

To load Pantone Digital Libraries, save the Pantone libraries on your desktop and install the ColorMail Express software on your computer, connect your 500 series to your serial port, and launch the Colormail Express utility. Colormail Express software looks like a 500 series instrument on your computer monitor. Drag the Pantone library files from your desktop onto the image of the 500 series instrument. The Colormail Express software will load the libraries onto your instrument. This process is illustrated below.

Place the 500 Series Manuals & Utilities CD into your drive. The following window will appear. Select Colormail Express to install the software, then select "PANTONE Digital Color Libraries".

Click on "Setup".

Save the Pantone files to your computer's desktop.

Connect your 500 series instrument to your serial port on your computer. Launch ColorMail Express. An image of a 500 series instrument will appear on your screen. Simply drag the Pantone files into the LCD display of the instrument image.

The instrument will now be loaded the Pantone Digital Libraries. This may take a few minutes to complete.

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