"Invalid Reading" error message

Below is a list of typical error messages that could occur on your instrument. If any of the error messages listed—or any error message not listed—should appear, make a note of it and take the appropriate steps to try to correct it. If an error message is consistently displayed, contact X-Rite or an authorized service center.

Measurement Error Messages
INVALID READING - BATTERIES VERY LOW, MUST BE CHARGED - indicates batteries are too low to operate the unit. Plug in charger and wait 5 minutes before attempting to take accurate measurements.

INVALID READING - LIGHT LEAKAGE - stray light is getting into measurement aperture. Make sure measurement surface is flat.

INVALID READING - MAXIMUM REFLECTANCE EXCEEDED - surface measured is greater than the maximum range of the instrument .

INVALID READING - MOTION ERROR - instrument was not pressed down firmly (or moved) during a measurement. This message may also occur if your instrument is used to take measurements while directly connected to your computer system, and the computer power supply is not grounded properly. If this message persistently appears, first verify that the computer power supply is properly grounded.

INVALID READING - MOTOR ERROR - Instrument could not establish motor position. Measure again.

INVALID READING - RESET DURING READ, CHECK BATTERIES - this message may appear if the instrument is stored for an extended period of time. Recharge the batteries for 16 hours. If batteries are not charged after 16 hours, replace battery pack.

INVALID READING - SWITCH RELEASED TOO SOON - both read switches were not closed during entire reading. Try taking reading again.

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