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2018's Top Color Measurement Blogs

Posted December 20, 2018 by X-Rite Color

For the last few Decembers, we’ve provided you with a list of “top color measurement blogs” for that respective year. As we reviewed this year’s list, we noticed that your favorite/ the most-read blogs could be categorized into a few buckets. So, without further ado, here’s 2018’s top blog topics! 

2018’s Most Popular Color Measurement Topic: Tolerancing

Not to our team’s surprise, Tolerancing – what it is/what it means for your business – was the topic that was most requested in 2018. Because of your enthusiasm to this topic, our team wrote an entire blog series around Tolerancing. Re-read this great series using the links below! 

While many of you read, enjoyed, and provided positive feedback on this series… you still wanted more information! Because of this interest, our team led a few webinars that spoke to this topic in more detail. If you missed it and/or want to re-watch, here are the links to our on-demand webinars. 

2018’s Second Most Popular Color Topic: This Versus That 

In 2018, our team recognized that there was a lot of confusion about the difference between color measurement tools and tactics. In response to this confusion, we wrote a few blogs that clarified instrument and measurement differences. Review these blogs for a “refresher”, or pass them along to those who are new on your color team!

Honorable Mentions: 

While the topics of "Tolerancing" and "This Versus That" were the most popular blog topics,we decided to highlight two additional topics as "honorable mention" topics. 

Color Perception: Color Perception has been a hot topic in 2018 – not just on our blog, but also within the industry. While the color experts here at X-Rite have recognized it’s importance from the start, many businesses are just starting to understand the consequences of miscommunicated or misperceived color. The waste, rework, and frustration is simply not worth it… read our popular Color Perception series to learn why this is – and will continue to be – a popular topic within the industry. 

Calibration & Profiling: Whether you’re a professional photographer, or just started your role within the printing industry, it’s imperative to recognize the importance of calibration and profiling. Get started with calibration by reading one of 2018’s most popular color blogs: How To Calibrate Your Monitor. 





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