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The Best X-Rite Spectrophotometers of 2019

Posted August 16, 2019 by X-Rite Color

Spectrophotometers are color measurement devices that measure color to ensure it remains consistent from the time it’s specified until final quality check. They can be used to measure everything from liquids and plastics to paper, metal, and fabrics for just about every industry.


Here Are Our Top Spectrophotometer Picks for 2019.


Best Spectrophotometer to Create Digital Standards

Using a digital standard is the most accurate way to specify and communicate color, design layouts, formulate colorants and raw materials, and offer manufacturers confidence to work more efficiently. To create a digital standard, you need an incredibly precise, repeatable spectrophotometer.


Our Choice: The X-Rite Ci7860 Benchtop Spectrophotometer


Offering a 0.06 average DE* inter-instrument agreement, the Ci7860 is the industry’s most accurate benchtop device available. In fact, the Ci7860 can achieve a 25% tighter specification than any other device on the market. Check out our Inter-Instrument Agreement blog to learn why this is important.


Dust Filter Kit 

Our Dust Filter Kit protects X-Rite benchtop spectrophotometers from airborne contaminants.


Best Spectrophotometer For Non-Contact Measurement

In retail paint and industrial applications like coatings, plasticsand cosmetics, measuring color can be difficult, especially when dealing with small and non-planar items as well as liquids, pastes, powders and gels.


Our Choice: The X-Rite MetaVue Family 


These revolutionary non-contact imaging spectrophotometers – the MetaVue for retail paint, and the MetaVue VS3200 for industrial applications – can measure wet and dry paints, plastics, cosmetics and small and odd-shaped samples. With live video, they make it easy to select the exact area to measure for color formulation, production color checks, and quality control


MetaVue VS3200


Best Spectrophotometer For Measuring Color on Print and Packaging 

With so many choices for materials, inks, and technologies in an increasingly global supply chain, controlling color is harder than ever for designers, prepress and print shops.


Our Choice: The X-Rite eXact Family


Ranging from a densitometer to a highly advanced spectrophotometer, the eXact Family is so versatile you can use it to measure just about any print and packaging surface. In fact, the easy-to-use eXact is one of the most accurate and consistent color measurement instruments on the market. Check out this blog for help choosing the right model for your needs. 


If you’re measuring reflective packaging, see the next section.


eXact Basic


Best Spectrophotometer For Measuring Reflective Surfaces

Many printers are using metallic substrates to enhance graphics and brands. A sphere spectrophotometer is most effective for measuring shiny or mirror-like surfaces, printing over foil, and other highly glossy surfaces.


Our Choice: The X-Rite Ci64


The Ci64 can measure specular included (SPIN) to measure pure color regardless of gloss level. Check out our SPIN vs. SPEX blog to learn more.


X-Rite Cup and Cylinder Fixture Press Release 

Our Cup and Cylinder Fixture works with the Ci62/Ci64 and the eXact Family of spectrophotometers to easily measure cylindrical-shaped items.


Best Spectrophotometer For Measuring Transparent Samples

If you’re measuring the color of transparent samples like orange juice, shampoo, zipper baggies, or clear pane glass, benchtops offer something you can’t get in a portable device – transmission measurements. These devices can calculate color through the object being measured as well as measure translucence and haze for objects like the window on an envelope and 2-liter bottles to ensure the correct transmission.


Our Choice: The X-Rite Ci7600 Benchtop Spectrophotometer


The Ci7600 is a mid-range benchtop that includes multiple apertures to measure complicated samples in both reflectance and transmission modes.


Orange Juice Measurement

The Ci7600, along with Color iQC software and a magnetic test tube holder, are approved by the USDA to color grade orange juice.


Best Spectrophotometer For Measuring OBAs in Liquids, Textiles, or Plastics

Many textile, plastic, paint, and coating manufacturers use chemical dyes called optical brightening agents (OBAs) to make their products look whiter and brighter. Although these materials and fabrics may look similar in production, they often look much different under other lighting conditions such as store, daylight, or household lighting. 


Our Choice: The X-Rite Ci64UV Portable Spectrophotometer


The X-Rite Ci64 is a portable spectrophotometer that can measure UV-included (partial UV energy) or UV-calibrated (adding UV energy to get up to a nominal/calibrated amount) to help you evaluate and control OBAs




What’s the Best Spectro for YOUR Business?

There are many factors to consider as you choose your next spectrophotometer, and our Color Experts are happy to help you through the process. Get in touch for personalized assistance. 


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