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A pressroom densitometer—the traditional and, until recently, the most widely used control element on press—measures light reflected off the press sheet. A pressroom densitometer or spectrodensitometer measures ink density on a color bar, providing feedback to the press operator as to how to adjust ink levels should density readings be too high or low. Proper density values are checked in each ink zone using a color bar or other areas of solid single-color ink.

For information about measuring spectral values, see our selection of spectrophotometers.

X‑Rite offers a Wide Range of Versatile Densitometers

X‑Rite eXact™ Densitometer

eXactDeliver exact color every time with X‑Rite eXact, a portable color measurement device with color touch screen capability. The eXact Densitometer is ideal for CMYK operations that need a set of traditional tools as well as the option to add more features as requirements change.


IntelliTrax2 Auto Scanning System

The fastest and smartest line of auto scanning systems for press-side color control, IntelliTrax2 leads the industry in color measurement for sheet-fed commercial and folding carton printers.


301 Densitometer

With large LED numerals that can be easily read in bright or dim light, the X‑Rite 301 Densitometer provides highly accurate and repeatable measurements of black and white film densities.


331C Portable Transmission Densitometer

Designed for black and white film measurement applications where portability is required, the 331C Portable Transmission Densitometer offers enhanced power management features, high performance and proven reliability.


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