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Model #: Ci62-803

Cup and Cylinder Fixture

The Cup and Cylinder Fixture works with X‑Rite's Ci60 Series and eXact Families of spectrophotometers to capture accurate and consistent color readings on cups and cylindrical-shaped samples.

Confidently Measure Cups and Cylindrical-Shaped Items

Controlling color on cylindrical-shaped items like small plastic parts, cups, cans, sleeves, bottles, and tubes can be a challenge. While many manufacturers cut a piece from the finished form product and lay it flat to measure, it is expensive, time consuming, and could cause physical injury to employees.

X-Rite’s Cup and Cylinder Fixture, when used with either the eXact or Ci60 Series, solves this problem with a sample-positioning arm to hold the sample at the correct height and angle, and a bench to hold the device. Once the measurement is captured, it results in actionable data without the added work and expense of cutting samples and destroying products.


  • Eliminate the safety risk associated with cutting samples to measure flat, creating a safer environment for employees.
  • Save the time and product waste associated with cutting samples for color checks throughout each production run.
  • Measure a wide array of opaque materials, including plastic, foam, film, and paper, when used with the eXact Family.
  • When used with the Ci60 Series, measure textured, reflective, translucent, and transparent samples using ISO-compliant Munsell backing material.
  • Achieve repeatable targeting and measurements with consistent sample alignment, customizable offsets, and support of varying lengths.
The Cup and Cylinder Fixture integrates with other X-Rite solutions, including InkFormulation software, ColorCert, NetProfiler, and Color iQC quality assurance software, to further streamline manufacturing workflows. Custom fixture connectors can be designed to accommodate extra thick, long, and odd-sized samples.
Is it Right for You?

One customer who prints plastic cups is saving 12 employee hours each day with the Cup and Cylinder fixture.

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