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How to Measure Metallic and Special Effect Automotive Finishes


When working to a precise specification, the paint shop must verify color accuracy and prove compliance. This process can introduce many challenges. 


Using the MA-5 QC Multi Angle Spectrophotometer for automotive color measurement


This lightweight and compact instrument enables one handed operation and minimizes the fatigue associated with other multi-angle devices on the market. With optics on the tip, it is easy to align on shaped and flexible surfaces and tight intersections, while LED indicator lights ensure the instrument is correctly positioned on the sample. The MA-5 QC includes a touch screen display with an intuitive interface for simple data input and analysis. It can be programmed for automated jobs to collect multiple data points and provides green and red pass/fail tolerance lights for fail-proof analysis. It is the first device on the market to help users identify whether the temperature of a sample is affecting color data with an on-screen temperature preview. 




The MA-5 QC and EFX QC software help paint shops quickly evaluate metallic and special effect automotive finishes. 

*Compared against X-Rite legacy and competitor devices with 5 or more measurement angles. Size based on external volume dimensions. 


How it Works 

  1. Using the MA-5 QC Multi Angle Spectrophotometer for automotive color measurementThe paint shop receives digital color specifications that describe both color and special effect appearance. 
  2. Quality Controllers use the MA-5 QC to measure various sections of the painted car body and compare it with the specified digital data. 
  3. Using a pre-programmed process, the MA-5 QC guides the location for each measurement to collect multiple data points, and uses indicator lights to verify proper device alignment. 
  4. The MA-5 QC compares the measured data with the digital color specification and displays a green checkmark if the color is within tolerance or a red checkmark if not. 
  5. The connected EFX QC software tracks color measurement data to gauge quality and look for areas of improvement to increase profitability. 

Featured Products


MA-5 QC | X-Rite Multi Angle Spectrophotometer Measuring Samples



A compact and lightweight spectrophotometer designed for consistent quality control and color measurement of effect finishes on the production floor, in the lab, and in the field.




EFX QC Quality Control Software



Capture, define, and control effect finishes with digital data to enable real-time performance monitoring across an integrated supply chain with EFX QC software.





Achieve Color Success 

The MA-5 QC multi-angle spectrophotometer with EFX QC software offers a fast, user-friendly, cost-effective solution to validate whether automotive special effect paint is within specification before assembly. 


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