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SP Series with Net Profiler in iQC/iMatch

In the event that you can not enable NetProfiler in the calibration mode for SP series instruments in either iQC or iMatch please follow the instructions below


1) Verify the SP's serial number understood by iQC/iMatch at Spectro/Select Mode (in the iQC/iMatch software) and record it. This number will differ from the profile number, in that it will not have the prefix SP64 in front of the serial number.

2) On your computer navigate to the NetProfiler profile for your SP (e.g. SP64000193.pro) located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\GM\NP

3) Right click on the appropriate file and copy it. Go to edit at the top of the page and select paste.

4) Right click on the newly created copy of the file, select "Rename" and rename the file exactly as iQC and iMatch reports it (with out the SP6X prefix). For example, the above file example will now look like, 000193.pro

At this point the NetProfiler option for iQC iMatch will become active in the SP Series calibration mode and can now be activated.