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Top Ten X-Rite Blogs of 2017

Posted January 12, 2018 by X-Rite Color

At the end of each year we enjoy looking back at our most popular blogs because it’s a great way for us to understand what interests you – our readers. As the years go by, we have discovered a few make the list again and again.

This year the Top Ten is split down the middle between color theory and manufacturing best practices. Have you read them all?

Top Five Color Theory Topics of 2017

1. Color Perception Part 1: The Effect of Light

The Dress 

Remember “The Dress?” Was it blue & black, or white & gold? This media frenzy was the perfect opportunity for us to introduce a crucial component of good color management: the effect of light. Read more.

2. Color Perception Part 2: The Impact on Manufacturing

An object’s reflective and absorptive properties and viewing technology can impact the colors we perceive. This is a very important topic for anyone who controls color for photography, graphics, or manufacturing. Read more. 

3. Color Perception Part 3: Tricks the Environment Plays on our Eyes

Many factors affect how we see color. This article takes a closer look at the human eye and some of the ways our environment can influence what we see. Read more.

4. Color Perception Part 4: Human Traits

The environment is not the only obstacle we face when judging color. These human traits can all affect color vision. Here’s how we can accommodate them for better color assessment. Read more.

5. Additive vs. Subtractive Color Models


To understand how color management works, you need a basic knowledge of the additive and subtractive systems of color reproduction. Both use a small number of primary colors that combine to produce a large number – or gamut – of colors… but the way they do is is quite different. Read more.

Top Color Management Best Practices Blogs of 2017

1. What is Metamerism?

If you’ve ever walked out of the house in two black socks, only to arrive at work and realize one of them is navy blue, you’ve been a victim of metamerism. Managing metamerism during color production can be tricky, but understanding what it is can help. Read more.

2. Establishing Flexo Process Control


To achieve predictable, repeatable color on a flexographic press, you need good color management and solid process control. Don’t rely on luck. These ten steps can help you take control of your color. Read more.

3. Effective Ways to Measure Reflective Surfaces 

No matter what you’re manufacturing, spectral measurements can help ensure your color remains accurate and consistent throughout your production run. Here are tips for choosing the best color measurement device for measuring reflective surfaces. Read more. 

4. How to Calibrate your Monitor

If you’re wasting time, paper and ink re-printing images because the color isn’t right, don’t automatically assume your printer is the problem. Here’s how to calibrate your monitor in ten simple steps so you can finally trust the colors you see on-screen. Read more.

5. Tips for Defining a Realistic Pass/Fail Tolerance

A pass-fail tolerance is the amount of color variation that is considered commercially acceptable. Tolerances are determined by customer expectations and the capability of the production processes. Here’s how they are chosen for different industries. Read more.

Would you like to help us choose this year’s topics?

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