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Top 10 X-Rite Learning Resources of 2020

Posted December 01, 2020 by X-Rite Color

2020 has definitely been a year for the record books. As many of you looked for new and creative ways to work, we tried to support you with learning resources. 

Today we’re looking back on the topics that captured the most attention this year. From the basics of color science to choosing the best color measurement instrument for your needs (and learning how to use it), here’s what captured our Learning Resource Leader Board for 2020.

Top X-Rite Learning Resources of 2020 | Blog

Top 10 Learning Resources of 2020

#1   What is a Spectrophotometer?

Spectrophotometers are used in every industry that requires accurate color. Watch our “What is a Spectrophotometer” video and learn more about the different types and benefits.

#2   What is a Colorimeter?


Learn why colorimeters are a good choice to calibrate computer monitors and capture color for designs and applications that don’t require tight color control.


#3   Which Spectrophotometer Type is Best for You?


This whitepaper explains the use cases of sphere (diffuse:8° or d:8°), 45°:0° (or 0°:45°), and multi-angle (MA) spectrophotometers to help you select the most appropriate color measurement device for your application.


#4   Lighting and Visual Evaluation


This episode of the X-Rite Color Lab discusses the importance of standardized lighting when visually evaluating color and the most popular standard illuminants.

#5   A Guide to Understanding Color


Whether you are a color novice or expert, you will find useful information to ensure color plays a positive role in your color production success in this how-to guide for all things color. 


#6   Color Glossary


From the basics of color and light to printing and industrial expressions, our glossary includes over 1,000 color-related terms to help you better understand how color affects you and your business.

#7   Fundamental Guide to Process Control

This 82-page converter's buyers guide introduces tools, industry standards, and best practices to keep up with changes in packaging demands and stay ahead of the competition. 

#8   Color Tolerance: The Key to Accurate Color

Even when using spectral data and a color tolerance to quantify color, customers and suppliers can still disagree. This whitepaper explains how to select and use the right color tolerancing method for your application.

#9   Spectral Data 101: How to Communicate Color


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why spectral data is important for color communication, the common types of spectrophotometer geometries, and why spectral data is preferred over CIELAB color values.


#10  Short & Sweet eXact Webinar Series


Watch these four 10-minute print and packaging webinars to learn the benefits of the eXact spectrophotometer and tips for connecting ColorCert, IFS and NetProfiler software.



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