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To achieve the highest color accuracy, you must maintain your color investments.

X-Rite offers Service Care Packages to ensure your device continues to operate in peak condition once it leaves our factory so you can deliver the color your customers specify. When you send your device to a Global X-Rite Service Center or Certified Service Partner, you can anticipate world-class support, consistent and repeatable service, and minimal downtime.


 Maintain Certifications | X-Rite Services

Maximize Your Investment: Our service care plans include our Five Point Preventative Maintenance and Certification procedure to keep your devices performing to original specifications.



Maximize Your Investment | X-Rite Services


Maintain Your Certifications: Our ISO 9001 Certification ensures we can meet your quality and applicable regulatory requirements, and our ISO 17025 Accreditation validates our competence in calibration.



Reduce Downtime | X-Rite Services


Reduce Production Downtime: When you invest in a service care plan, you will receive industry-leading response times, priority service, and free loaner support.



Ensure Quality | X-Rite Services


Ensure Quality: Our applicable service care plans extend the coverage of the basic warranty and include NetProfiler software to verify and optimize performance on compatible devices.

*Includes ISO Certification Certificate


X-Rite Service Care Terms and Conditions

X-Rite Service Care Plans

X-Rite Service Care Plan vs. Warranty Entitlement Comparison

Certification and Preventative Maintenance with X-Rite

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