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X-Rite Training Solutions

Posted February 09, 2017 by X-Rite Color

At X-Rite Pantone, we love color, and we’re passionate about helping you get yours right. That’s why we offer a full-service training program, staffed with Color Experts from many of the industries we serve.

From beginner to advanced, lowest investment to highest return, we offer a variety of options to teach you everything you need to know to be successful.

  • Are you new to color, wondering where it fits in your business objectives?
  • Do you already have a color workflow, but wish it was more efficient?
  • Are you looking toward certification to help you gain a competitive edge?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to keep reading. Today we’re presenting our stair-step approach to training. There’s a step for everyone, and moving toward the top doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Take a look at where you are today, determine where you want to go, and let us help you achieve your color goals!

So, where are you on the stairway to great color?

Step 1 – Color? I don’t know what I don’t know!

Solution: eLearning

Don’t be intimidated. Color is fun! And our affordable eLearning courses are a great way to brush up on both basic and advanced color topics. Written by our Color Experts, each course is an engaging mix of video instruction and interactive exercises so you can practice what you learn. Topics range from general color theory to instrument and workflow how-to’s, so there’s something for everyone.

Check out two of our most popular courses – Color Control Freak and Color Theory: The Numbers of Color – to get your feet wet. Since they’re self-paced and available 24/7, you can stop by whenever you have a chance.

Step 2 – I have a few questions.

Solution: Personal Color Training

Maybe you just finished your first eLearning course and need some guidance, or would like someone to walk you through a process on a new piece of software… Our extremely affordable Personal Color Trainer program is the solution. Each one-hour session pairs you with a Color Expert who will identify your needs, diagnose your issues, and personalize training around your color goals. Using the phone, live video, and remote desktop sharing, you can quickly get the answers you need.

Step 3 – So color does matter… Help!

Solution: Seminars

No matter where you are on your color journey, this realization can hit you like a ton of bricks! That’s why we offer two fantastic touring seminars in major metropolitan areas in the spring and fall… all knowledge levels welcome.

Fundamentals of Color and Appearance (FOCA) provides a solid foundation in color and appearance science. From the physics of color to lighting, spectrophotometers, and color data, we will teach you how to measure, view, and understand color.

FM100 Hue Test

If you attend a FOCA seminar, you’ll have the chance to take the Farnsworth-Munsell Hue test to evaluate your ability to discern color.

Fundamentals of Instrumental Quality Control (FIQC) takes it one step further. Through hands-on exercises, we’ll share quality control practices to help you streamline your workflow and make working with color fun and easy. You’re even encouraged to bring your own samples for a real-life experience.

Here’s what Dr. Mark Snyder, Program Coordinator at Millersville University, had to say about our seminars:

The X-Rite seminar on Color Theory, Instrumentation & Quality Control that I attended provided a practical learning experience. The instructors do a great job of explaining how the instruments are applied for quality control in the workplace. They also provide a variety of related X-Rite devices to let you get your hands on the technology and try it out as they teach you how their systems work. Overall, the X-Rite seminars are valuable resource for anyone who want to keep up with the most modern measurement practices used in industry for controlling the reproduction of color.

Check our schedule to see when we’ll be in a city near you.

Step 4 – Seminars are great, but I need a little more focused instruction.

Solution: Classroom Training

Our classroom workshops take place at our world headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan (away from work distractions!). Everyone gets an individual workstation with our latest equipment, and since they’re often smaller groups, lots of personalized attention. Our Color Experts have many years experience, and can provide guidance for every industry and application.

X-Rite Classroom Workshops

Check out our list of upcoming classroom courses, including our Color Formulation Workshop and Integrated Color Management.

Step 5 – I get the concepts, but I need help applying them to my own workflow.

Solution: On-site Training

If you have product-specific training needs, want to identify and solve problems in your current workflow, or have several employees to train at once,
we can come to YOU! On-site training is available for all aspects of your workflow and can help you in setting up the most efficient processes using your systems, software, and instruments. It’s very focused, customized, and effective.

Step 6 – I want to prove that I can meet customer specs!

Solution: Accreditation

Not only will we come to your site to help you achieve accreditation, we will perform a pre-visit standard operating procedures review, help you fix areas we find that need improvement, and ensure you’re able to maintain your new certification once we’re gone. Your team will work more efficiently, your waste will decrease, and you’ll earn more business with your shiny new credentials! Check out the Top Five Reasons to Get Certified to see if you’re ready, or read how we helped Promis and Cedar Graphics earn Pantone® Printer Certification.

Pazazz Printing Pantone Certified Printer

Pazzaz Printing proudly displays the PANTONE Certified Printer logo on its homepage.

Step 7 – I think I’m good… am I good?

Solution: Audit and Consultation

When you’re working with multiple suppliers and across global sites, the smallest color issue can snowball before you even realize it’s a problem. Our Solutions Architects are experts in every application of color and able to locate color issues you never knew existed. Our full color audit looks at your internal processes, from communication with suppliers through production and final approval, to identify areas to decrease costs and waste. We then help you develop and implement solutions for a fast return on investment.

X-Rite Custom Onsite Training

Download our free white paper, The Alchemy of Color, to find out how audit and consultation can help you achieve an effective color supply chain.

Color is a journey… are you ready to take the next step?

Visit our learning site to review our extensive library of training options (including webinars, case studies, and whitepapers) or get in touch to learn more. We’re sure to have the perfect solution for you!

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