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This 15-module eLearning course takes you through each step of a color-managed workflow.

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You know exactly the color you wish to achieve, but how do you get from capture to output, without losing the design intent? If you have ever been frustrated by color issues or are new to digital color or color management, this convenient online course is for you.

Through its 15 interactive and entertaining modules, the Color Control Freak eLearning course provides a solid introduction to color management, showing you how to create color that remains consistent from capture to print. Informative video presentations and software demos teach you the basics, and interactive exercises allow you to practice the concepts. In the end, you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned to set up your own custom workflow that meets your individual needs.


  • Interactive, self-paced lessons allow you to simulate the process and benefit from hands-on practice.
  • Learn to use Adobe Creative Suite applications to color manage a variety of workflows.
  • Benefit from tips on the best way to preflight a file and how to make an accurate proof before sending your design or photo for printing.
  • Learn best practices for calibrating and profiling your monitor.
  • Ensure that your imaging devices speak the same color language as your capture devices in order to preserve the original image.
By taking this online course at your own pace and at times that are most convenient for you, you will boost your color management knowledge and achieve better synergy between capture and print. The result? Your design or photos will reflect “Color As You Imagined It”!
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Why Attend?

This course is ideal for anyone who is new to digital color or color management or frustrated by color issues, including: photographers and photo labs, graphic designers who need to know how to prepare files for proper color output, users who need better color, color professionals who are unsure of which tools to purchase, and manufacturers and resellers who offer color management services.

Online courses offer you the benefit of self-paced training.  Each lesson module is twenty to thirty minutes in length. Modules are accompanied with short but comprehensive tests to assure that you are learning from the presentation.  Pass the final exam with a score of 90% or higher and you can be assured that your color knowledge is off to a rock-solid start. Course includes: 
  • How we see color, and the difference between additive and subtractive color models
  • How to get imaging devices to “speak” the same language to preserve the original image
  • The difference between input and output devices, and how working spaces bridge the gap
  • Using Adobe Creative Suite applications to color manage a variety of workflows
  • The purpose of monitor calibration, common practices, and how to calibrate and profile a monitor using i1Match and i1Profiler
  • Creating and saving print conditions that simulate your final print on the display
  • How to configure scanning devices for ICC profiling
  • How to profile an RGB printer
  • How to manage embedded profiles, color spaces and file types; the best way to preflight a file; and how to make an accurate proof before sending to the print provider
  • Common practices for calibrating and profiling within a CMYK RIP, and how to synchronize the color management settings of your RIP to match the settings within your creative application
  • Using spot colors in conventional and digital printing environments, such as an inkjet printer or digital press
  • The best settings for exporting a PDF document

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