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Meet the MA-T: The Most Capable Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer

Posted October 25, 2017 by Thomas Meeker

Whether purchasing a new car, consumer electronics, or household appliances, color consistency influences the perception of quality. If the color doesn’t match from front-to-back and side-to-side, customers will likely question the quality and move on. That’s where color measurement can help.

In today’s competitive marketplace, manufacturers are going beyond color to utilize extreme effect finishes to differentiate their products. But, as manufacturers are quickly learning, measuring color alone is not sufficient to characterize these special effect finishes and ensure consistency across adjacent parts.


In the automotive industry, approximately 70 percent of new vehicles use effect finishes that include aluminums, pearls or special effect pigments like Xirallics. Measuring color alone is no longer sufficient to completely characterize these materials or ensure consistency across adjacent parts, such as car bumpers and body panels.

With the ability to characterize color, sparkle, and coarseness, the new MA-T Family of Multi-Angle Spectrophotometers can help manufacturers establish, communicate, and ensure conformance with global standards for effect finishes.

Top Reasons to Upgrade to the MA-TMA-T

The MA-T family of multi-angle spectrophotometers sets a new industry standard for measurement of effect finishes; capturing color, sparkle and coarseness with greater repeatability, reproducibility and ease of use than ever before.

If you’re working with special effect finishes, here are four important reasons you should consider upgrading to an MA-T.

1. Define and control extreme effect finishes.

The MA-T can capture color, sparkle, and coarseness with industry-leading repeatability and reproducibility, reducing defects and ensuring a more efficient quality assurance program.

2. Achieve accurate visual results.

Featuring an RGB camera and white light illumination, the MA-T offers the most accurate capture of special effect finishes and provides quantifiable results that match the way the human eye perceives color.

3. Measure with greater precision.

The MA-T offers an intuitive and easy to use design. The centrally located aperture and 3 positioning pins ensure stable measurements, while the touch screen navigation makes operation simple. Best of all, a real-time preview of the measurement area ensures your measurement target is exactly where you want it to be.

4. Monitor and share real-time performance.

Included with the MA-T6 and MA-T12, EFX QC is a cloud-based software solution that offers new visual tools, including performance trend charts and stored measurement images. It also provides real-time performance monitoring and actionable insights to help troubleshooting out-of-tolerance colors. Since it is a cloud-based solution, you can share all of this information across your distributed supply chains.


Which MA-T is right for you?

Our advanced multi-angle spectrophotometer comes in two models.

The MA-T6 offers the ability to characterize effect finishes across a variety of applications using six angles of measurement coupled with color imaging.

With the MA-T12, you can fully characterize and measure color shifting pigments across a variety of applications through 12 measurement angles and color imaging, enabling the most complete characterization of today’s extreme effect materials.

To learn more, request a demo, or ask questions about which MA-T device is best for your needs, visit our website to contact a color expert directly.


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