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Confidently Match a Wide Array of Samples with MetaVue™

Posted December 04, 2017 by Tim O'Rourke

If you work behind a paint counter, you know customers can surprise you with interesting and unique objects to color match. Many samples are relatively easy to measure, but when a customer shows up with a curved baseboard panel, a square of shag carpet, or a plush toy, things can get a little tricky.

A few years ago, we learned just how challenging it was for our retail paint customers to color match unique samples. We took in a bag with textured and multi-colored items and asked the person behind the paint counter how they would match them. New users said they would simply use the color matcher; they didn’t realize the quality of the match would be marginal, or in some cases unacceptable. Experienced users said they would not even try to measure them, because they had tried before and did not get good results. They would take the time to match by eye.


We knew we had to come up with a solution to help our customers match beyond the basic objects customers might bring in, especially textured and multi-colored samples. We also knew it had to be easy to operate for both novice employees and paint experts. Two years later, we launched the MetaVue non-contact imaging spectrophotometer.  

What makes an imaging spectrophotometer better?

A traditional spectrophotometer reflects light onto the sample, then measures the color of the reflectance that comes back into the device. While the MetaVue still uses light, it also incorporates an imaging camera to pull out specific colors for formulation. It’s a revolutionary technology that is faster, easier, and more accurate than any other paint color matching system on the market. 


Handle every customer sample with confidence!

Like its predecessor, the MatchRite iVue, MetaVue integrates with ColorDesigner PLUS for fast and accurate formulation. Here are the features that set MetaVue apart from the competition.

1 – Smart Spot Measurement

Our proprietary smart spot measurement offers three illuminators, which enables adaptive and sensitive readings of various textures and patterns. This image processing technique compensates for texture and appearance effects on difficult samples and eliminates pixels that can throw off a color measurement, like shadows and highlights.




2 – Live On-Screen Targeting

With live on-screen targeting right on the instrument, operators can adjust the target location and precisely capture the perfect sample area.

3 – Dominant Color Extraction

MetaVue can capture measurements as small as 2 mm to as large as 12 mm, making it much easier to work around artifacts and set realistic customer expectations. For samples with multiple colors, such as a throw pillow from your sofa or a multi-colored wallpaper, MetaVue can pull out multiple colors, even if they are not side-by-side.


4 – Image and Color Data Storage

ColorDesigner PLUS can store custom paint recipes and visual measurement references for repeat customers. Those who have been using MatchRite iVue can save time in the upgrade process by using existing color and customer data. 

5 – Improved sample positioner

Since it’s non-contact, MetaVue is forgiving when measuring samples that are not flat, empowering users to color match a wider variety of samples than ever before. The redesigned sample positioner provides a better user experience, and is easier to clean.


Don’t just take our word…

We put the MetaVue behind the paint counter of four retail stores for eight weeks. During that time, these stores used it to create over 500 matches. Here’s what the employees had to say:

“We were using a previous X-Rite spectrophotometer in our paint department, which performed pretty well.  But we have been absolutely delighted with the new MetaVue, because of its outstanding accuracy and consistency in measurement.”

“That is a significant financial benefit for us in the short time we have been using the MetaVue.”  

“We have been testing the [MetaVue] VS3100…on flat standard chips and stucco samples…The color/formula matches from the VS3100 are much better than the color/formula matches from the iVue.”

“All of us are more confident using the MetaVue for paint matching, even me, having been in the business for nearly 30 years. We’ve significantly reduced the number of mis-tints, a factor that is important to owners!”

With MetaVue, paint color matching is better and faster!

Imagine creating a precise and dependable paint formulation on the first try, from almost any sample a customer dreams up! MetaVue will save time and money. Check out our free on-demand webinar for a comprehensive video overview and demo of the MetaVue and ColorDesigner PLUS software, or visit our website for more information. 

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