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Using Spectrophotometer Parts & Accessories to Measure Odd Samples

October 02, 2019 by Mike Huda

Spectrophotometers are excellent tools for measuring samples against their color standards to compare differences, but it can be difficult to achieve color accuracy for irregularly shaped products like liquids, plastics, cans, and powders. We design a variety of parts and accessories - also called “rigs & jigs” - for many of our instruments to help measure odd shapes and sizes. 

Parts & Accessories for Benchtop Spectrophotometers

Liquids are notoriously difficult to measure because they are hard to hold and often translucent. We created a Magnetic Test Tube Holder that works with our benchtop sphere spectrophotometers to hold liquids for transmission measurements.

Ci7600 Measuring OJ

Our Ci7600 spectrophotometer, along with a Magnetic Test Tube Holder and Color iQC software, is approved by the USDA to color grade orange juice. This complete color measurement solution helps quality control professionals measure color scores for canned, pasteurized, frozen and concentrated orange juice to deliver verified results. The results are displayed as a Citrus Number (CN) in the iQC software to help citrus producers to accurately evaluate the quality of their products and orange juice manufacturers ship USDA-approved products. Learn more in our Controlling the Color of Beverages blog. 

In addition to the Magnetic Test Tube Holder, our benchtop spectrophotometers can also be fitted with:

Parts & Accessories for Non-Contact Spectrophotometers

The non-contact MetaVue VS3200 is a popular choice for diverse applications – including coatings, plastics, cosmetics, and food – to quickly measure ingredient samples before they flow down the production line. With the help of parts and accessories, it is able to measure color and gloss measurements on small and non-planar items as well as liquids, pastes, powders, and gels.


We offer the following accessories for the MetaVue VS3200:

  • An Instrument Stand to measure samples like liquids, pastes, powders, and gels without contaminating the instrument or the sample. 

  • An Benchtop Stand to convert the instrument to a benchtop spectrophotometer with a sample arm, making it fast and easy for operators to measure multiple samples.

  • An Adjustable Stand to raise or lower the instrument to the perfect height for measuring a wide variety of samples of varying thickness.

MetaVue VS3200

No matter what you have to measure, the MetaVue has the right accessory to make it easy.

Parts & Accessories for Handheld Spectrophotometers   

Controlling color on cylindrical-shaped items like small plastic parts, cups, cans, sleeves, bottles, and tubes can be a challenge. While many manufacturers cut a piece from the finished product and lay it flat to measure, it is expensive, time consuming, and could cause physical injury to employees.

Our Cup and Cylinder Fixture works with the X-Rite Ci60 Series and eXact Family of spectrophotometers to safely measure color without destroying the sample. It includes a sample-positioning arm to hold the sample at the correct height and angle, and a bench to hold the device. Once the measurement is captured, it results in actionable data.

Cup Cylinder

Here the Ci64 is safely measuring the handle of a blue plastic pitcher without cutting it for a flat sample. Learn more.

In addition to the Cup and Cylinder Fixture, we offer other accessories for our handheld devices, including:

  • A Cell Holder for powders and liquids, such as cosmetics and food mixes.
  • Liquid Cell Holder for port forward measurements of liquids like laundry detergent and beverages.
  • Universal Sample Holder for small, odd-shaped parts like lipstick and eyeliner cases, pen bodies and small molded bottles, as well fabric samples that require several folds to achieve opacity.
  • Pellet Holder for measuring plastic raw materials.

Do You Measure Irregular-Shaped Products?

These are just a few examples of the way X-Rite is helping manufacturers around the world maintain production quality. You can see them in action by watching our Measuring Unique Samples on-demand webinar. To learn more about specific products for your handheld or benchtop spectrophotometer, get in touch.

This solution is ideal for measuring and color rating any translucent liquids, not just orange juice. 

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