Allein die richtigen Tools reichen nicht aus. Für erfolgreiches Farbmanagement müssen sie wissen, wie Sie diese Tools nutzen. Dabei können Ihnen unsere leicht verständlichen Whitepapers zu allgemeinen Farbthemen und mit technischen Tipps für bestimmte Geräte und Workflows helfen. Von einem Farbexperten erfahren Sie, wie Sie Farbmanagement in Ihren Workflow integrieren. Starten Sie Ihre Suche unten.

Color Management in a Plastics Workflow

From inspiration through final product, there are many places where color can go wrong in a plastics workflow.

The Cost of a Brand Color in CPG Packaging

How much does your brand color cost? Download this free X-Rite whitepaper to learn how CPG companies can use digital tools to save time and money.

Hybrid Production in the Print Industry

Over the past five years, the printing industry has evolved faster than at any time since Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type. Download this free white paper to learn how to keep up with these changes.

Understanding Color Perception

Color visual evaluation plays an important role in most industries and for all products.

How To Measure Color On Flexible Film

When measuring color on flexible packaging or film, inconsistent or inaccurate measurements can occur if the instrument is positioned on different angles. Read our whitepaper to learn more.

Keep Your Spectrophotometer in Excellent Health

Many different types of errors occur in spectrophotometric measurements, in this whitepaper learn how NetProfiler, a system of software and color standards, can correct these errors.

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