Aufgrund unserer engen Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden können wir bei der Implementierung individueller, kreativer Farbworkflows helfen. In unseren Fallstudien erfahren Sie, wie andere Unternehmen ihr Farbmanagement gestalten, welches Feedback sie von ihren Kunden erhalten und wie sich ihr Farbworkflow auf ihren Geschäftserfolg auswirkt. Starten Sie Ihre Suche unten – ganz gleich, ob Sie auf der Suche nach einem heißen Tipp oder einem neuen Geschäftsmodell sind.
Monitor and Control the Color of Plastic Film and Sheets Throughout Production 

Download your free copy to learn how X-Rite inline solutions can help plastic film and sheet manufacturers fix color issues before they are even visible.

Home Hardware Increases First Time Colour Matches by 80%

Port Stanley Home Hardware used to color match by eye. Since choosing i1 Paint to measure customer samples, paint counter associates are achieving faster, more accurate colour matches.

Evaluate Special Effect Automotive Parts 60% Faster

Learn how the MA-5 QC handheld spectrophotometer and EFX QC software work together to quickly and efficiently measure a finished part and compare it with digital data. Fill out the form to read the full application brief.

Diamond Vogel Improves Color Match Accuracy by 65%

X-Rite MetaVue helps Diamond Vogel formulators spend less time training, more time formulating, and has already reduced waste by 35% in just 18 months.

MetaVue: An Investment with Fast ROI for California Paints

California Paints dramatically improves the process to color perfection with MetaVue, one of the best color measurement instruments they’ve ever seen.

Bottling Company Enhances Water Bottle Packaging with X-Rite-Driven Color and Print Quality Program

Read this case study to learn how this bottling company has significantly reduced the need for on-site press checks for its packaging, and all suppliers are now meeting or exceeding a ColorCert minimum score of 50.

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