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What’s Sabotaging Your Sustainability Efforts?

Posted April 22, 2016 by Tim Mouw

Today is Earth Day. You know the buzz phrase – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – but do you know what it means for your manufacturing process?

Designed by Freepik

Designed by Freepik

Here are the top three places in a color workflow that can sabotage a company’s sustainability efforts.

  1. Not monitoring color throughout production, which leads to expensive rework and wasted raw materials.
  2. Incorrect colorant formulation. Are you using too much? Are you wasting the leftovers?
  3. Sending color samples back and forth and long approval cycles, which can have a big impact on a company’s carbon footprint.

Read the full story to learn how color management technology can help you address these crucial areas. Not only will our earth benefit from your greener manufacturing processes, but your budget will too.

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