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Remote Color Management: Tips to Visually Evaluate Color

Posted March 27, 2020 by X-Rite Color

Does your quality control program include visual evaluation? Lighting plays a huge role in how we perceive color. It can help you verify whether the color of your product is acceptable and ensure it remains accurate in every possible lighting condition after purchase.

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Many of our customers are finding visual evaluation to be even more important as they transition color reviews and approvals to a different location, such as in the home office or to another remote environment. Others need to start a visual evaluation program because a factory or supplier is closed, but color approvals must continue. 


These resources can help you get started with a light booth and implement visual evaluation best practices. 


Visual Color Evaluation

Blog | If color doesn’t look right, many consumers will walk past and choose a competitor’s product. Here are the most common places where color can go wrong in a visual evaluation program and the details on the right color technology to remove the guesswork.


5 Color Evaluation Pitfalls to Avoid

Blog | The best way to eliminate subjectivity during quality control is to evaluate the color of samples under standardized lighting. However, just using a light booth isn’t enough. Here are a few things you must keep in mind for an accurate visual evaluation program.


Choosing the Right Lighting for Color Evaluation 

Whitepaper | In addition to reducing waste, rejects and rework, standardized lighting can help companies achieve an advantage over competitors. Learn the advantages of proper illumination and to best practices to implement visual evaluation. 


Getting Back to Basics: Controlled Lighting 101

Webinar | Controlled lighting is a key part of color quality control, but it’s often overlooked. Join us for this pre-recorded 10-minute webinar to learn the importance of visual assessment and best practices for using your light booth.


X-Rite Color Lab: Lighting and Visual Evaluation 

Video | Watch as our Senior Color Scientist Ed discusses the importance of standardized lighting when visually evaluating color.


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