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X-Rite Supports Asda Walmart Virtually Present Color Quality Program to Chinese Packaging Supply Chain

Posted January 22, 2021 by X-Rite Color

X-Rite Pantone has been working with Asda for several years, supporting the implementation of ColorCert, a digital color program to achieve time and cost savings and deliver brand presence and quality assurance on shelf. We recently published a case study that explains how digital color has helped Asda improve color and consistency scores by 200%. We encourage you to download the case study to learn more.

With a tried and proven color management model in its Food and Non-Edible categories, Asda is now extending this into the General Merchandise side of its business at pace. This allows suppliers to prove their color quality scores before they even ship to Asda.

X-Rite Supports Asda Walmart Virtually Present Color Quality Program to Chinese Packaging Supply Chain | X-Rite Blog

Asda Walmart and X-Rite Virtually Present Color Quality Program to Chinese Packaging Supply Chain

To encourage awareness and engagement for their color management model, the Asda Print Team worked with their colleagues in the Far East and X-Rite to host a conference with its General Merchandise suppliers and printers. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel was restricted and so Asda and X-Rite had to rethink the strategy to deliver this. Despite having to work remotely, X-Rite and the Walmart Global Sourcing Packaging team came together to hold the conference virtually, and over 150 representatives from Asda’s Chinese packaging supply base attended. 

Asda’s main messages during the webinar were the importance of color consistency and how COVID-19 is changing the way businesses work. X-Rite explained how their digital color management system improves communication between brand owners, suppliers and printers to ensure Asda’s suppliers are clear on the retailers' packaging expectations. With everything being managed remotely, it also helps reduce the industry’s overall carbon footprint, eliminating the need for physical color checks and press passes. Clearly, in today’s world with a huge focus on sustainability and COVID-19, the webinar was the perfect time to explain the benefits of moving to digital color management.

According to Jason Gilmartin, Senior Print Manager at Asda, “ColorCert is an important pillar of the Asda Print Team’s strategy for managing the quality of Own Brand print. Ensuring that our print partners have the right solutions in place is key to them taking full responsibility for raising and maintaining the quality of their product. Thanks to ASDA’s Far East Packaging Team for organizing and facilitating a virtual conference to connect X-Rite and ColorCert to our GM (General Merchandise) supply base in China. The positive responses we received are very encouraging as we look to develop smarter, more collaborative ways of working with printers in this region."  

Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, the introduction of Asda's Digital Print Quality Program to their entire Chinese Packaging Supply Chain could not have come at a better time. The program supports managing packaging color without travel and onsite press checks, benefitting both the brand and the printers. 


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