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ArtPrize Nine, Sponsored by X-Rite Pantone

Posted September 12, 2017 by X-Rite Color

We at X-Rite Pantone are excited to express our enthusiasm toward this year’s ArtPrize Nine competition. Beginning on September 20th, this event will cover downtown Grand Rapids with art, bringing color to the forefront of so many minds. ArtPrizeFliers As a proud, Grand Rapids-based company, we are looking forward to contributing to this creative and inspiring global competition. By expanding the range of X-Rite Pantone activity from the ever-popular Pantone® Pathways to activities like entering our very own Munsell piece in the competition, we’re looking to make this our best sponsor year yet.

Color as Emotion

ArtPrize artists – much like designers, brand owners, and manufacturers – define and control color. Creating both conscious and subconscious emotional connections, their use of color impacts the products we buy, the moods we feel, the foods we eat, and the even the venues we frequent. It’s this sort of color awareness that we’re excited to publicize through this event, because color extends far beyond tradeshow and office walls. [caption id="attachment_3263" align="alignright" width="803"]ArtPrizeSwashes This year’s logo is comprised of paint “swashes.” How do these colors make you feel?[/caption] Each year, ArtPrize’s theme is anchored by a palette of Pantone Colors. While the difficulty of achieving the same color on paper posters, ceramic mugs and concrete is sometimes taken for granted, it’s really a science. Watching these colors come to life around the city is one of our favorite parts of ArtPrize. If you’re attending the event, be sure to keep an eye on the color of bike racks, crosswalk signs, posters, sidewalk chalk, and event guides. For an event this big, the color consistency is incredible!

Color as a Guide

Attending the event, but not sure where to start? Let us be your guide! 

1 - Pantone Pathways and HUBs

Again in 2017, the popular Pantone Pathways will provide a foot-traffic map for ArtPrize attendees. The six Pathways, each less than 2.5 miles long, will guide visitors through the highlights of each neighborhood and nearly 90% of ArtPrize venues. Neighborhood HUBs will bring these applications up off the ground and offer a place to plan your visit and ask questions. [caption id="attachment_3262" align="alignright" width="900"]ArtPrizePantonePathway Each ArtPrize neighborhood has its own Pantone Pathway color. We challenge you to follow all six![/caption]

2 – Snapchat Geofilters and Viewfinders

This year, we’re taking the Pantone Pathways to the next level – we’re digitizing them! If you’re a Snapchat user, make sure to snap and frame your favorite works of art, city sites, and neighborhood treasures with Pathway-specific filters. ArtPrizeGeofilters If you’re not a Snapchat user, you can take a picture in our larger-than-life viewfinders in either Rosa Parks Circle or on the Blue Bridge. Same idea, different execution! ArtPrizeViewfinders

3 – Volunteering

For the third year in a row, X-Rite Pantone volunteers are looking forward to answering Pantone Pathway questions and helping you navigate the event.

4 – Sponsoring Artists

This year we are sponsoring Atlanta-based artist Tanner Wilson, who is turning a shipping container near the Blue Bridge into a breathing work of art. Tanner will spray paint a tiger scene on each side, instilling a sense of strength and courage in all who see it. Watch for our upcoming Q&A with Tanner on the ArtPrize blog.

5 – Entering Works of Art

As you enjoy the many of works of art around Grand Rapids, be on the lookout for entries from X-Rite Pantone employees. Watch our blog next week for more information about this piece, submitted by the Munsell Color Team. ArtPrizeMunsellEntry

Celebrate Color!

ArtPrize’s Jori Bennett, Director of Business Development for ArtPrize recently commented: “We’re thrilled to have X-Rite Pantone as a Leadership Sponsor for a third year in a row. X-Rite Pantone is a fantastic example of how a globally-recognized brand can authentically integrate and amplify its sponsorship through creative and compelling experiences and applications. From social videos to Snapchat filters to large format signage to a shipping container mural display on the Blue Bridge, X-Rite Pantone is collaborating with us to utilize color systems around the city, encouraging visitors to explore the ArtPrize district in fun and exciting ways. We also have a large volunteer group from X-Rite Pantone participating again this year, further guiding visitors around the event.” So we at X-Rite Pantone say… Get out there, explore ArtPrize, and celebrate color!

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