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In this series of podcasts, X-Rite and Pantone Color Experts and Idealliance introduce leading industry initiatives, standards, and devices. Listen to one or all and learn how you can apply these topics and practices into your print and packaging supply chain.


How Pantone Formula Guides are Made and How to Use Them | Jason Campbell

Learn how Pantone manufactures the Formula Guides used by millions of designers and producers worldwide to help define, communicate, and control the color from inspiration to realization.

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Raising the Bar in Color Measurement | Jay Kelbley

Learn how the i1Pro 3 Plus Family can measure popular print surfaces like textiles, glass, and backlit displays.

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Why Don’t My Pantone Colors Match? | Jason Campbell 

Learn why your Pantone colors don't match, and what you can do to ensure they do.

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The Good, Bad, & Ugly of Pantone & Adobe Creative Suite | Mark Gundlach

Uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to converting Pantone solid process in design applications, such as Adobe Creative Suite.

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Importance of Updating Pantone Libraries in Adobe Creative Cloud | Iain Pike

Learn more about the importance of maintaining and updating your Pantone color libraries in Adobe Creative Cloud.

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The State of Graphic Arts Standards Developments | Ray Cheydleur

Learn about the current state of specification and standards development and why it matters to the global print and packaging supply chain.

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