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Vista Issues - Industrial Color Products

To date the only known problem is that Color iQC and Color iMatch do not support the Vista Basic desktop color scheme. If the user selects any of the standard color schemes [Windows Classic, etc.] then the software runs without problem. With the Vista Basic color scheme desktop, the refresh rates required for the substantial animations shown in Vista cause the toolbar in Color iQC and Color iMatch to constantly refresh itself, so the program and user interface are extremely slow. As Vista itself is not completely stable, we will not be making any changes to address this problem at this time. Color iQC and Color iMatch will not be considered fully Vista ready until later this year, most likely sometime in Q4.

Recently there have been some instances of Color iQC / Color iMatch not communicating to instruments properly when a serial only instrument [like the SP series] is connected to a Vista PC using a USB to serial adaptor. We have recently verified that the Keyspan High Speed USB to Serial Adaptor [X-Rite Part Number: SE108-USBSER DB] works successfully with Color iQC / Color iMatch on Windows Vista for this configuration.

The following steps are required for proper operation:

Please note that Color iQC / Color iMatch will not be considered fully Vista ready until at least Q4 of this year.

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