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TAC7 Upgrade Package v1.5.0

Name: TAC7 Upgrade Package

Version: v1.5.0

Previous Version: NA

Release Date: mai 3, 2019

File Type: ZIP File

Télécharger: PC Version



  1. Upgrade the TAC7 firmware to version
  2. Install the supplemental_calibration_pack_1.5.0
  3. Firmware upgrade and supplemental_calibration_pack installation is done with TAC7Diagnostics.
  4. After installing the supplemental_calibration_pack, it is necessary to calibrate the device with Pantora 1.5 or later.

For installation please download the TAC7 Upgrade package containing the TAC7 firmware v., the supplemental_calibration_pack_1.5.0 and the TAC7 Update guide. Make sure you are using Pantora 1.5 or later when calibrating the updated TAC7.

TAC7 Firmware 1.5 is a maintenance release which contains the following improvements:

  • Improved color calibration for better color accuracy and reduction of blueish tint on dark materials
  • Added support for installation of additional back plates
  • Added support for material thickness sensor

The newest version of Pantora can be found here.

The TAC7 Diagnostics software v1.5.0 can be found here.

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