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Fundamentals of Color and Appearance (FOCA) – Online


FOCA Online provides foundational color knowledge, an understanding of color measurement & data and the definition of a reliable color quality program through an online platform.

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Getting Started with Color

In this interactive online course, you will gain a solid foundation in color and appearance science. From the physics of color to lighting, spectrophotometers and color data, you will learn how to measure, view, and communicate color.

Experience 5 hours of videos and interactive content, any time of the day and at your own pace. You will receive a digital course book to follow along and use for future reference, as well access to interactive learning activities. Have questions while taking the course? Our discussion boards let you post questions and interact with our experts as well as fellow students.

This class is designed for all industries and individuals who are quality control and assurance professionals, lab technicians, parts suppliers, manufacturing specifiers, designers and anyone who evaluates or approves color.

Upon the completion of FOCA Online, we encourage you to put your color theory knowledge into practice with our Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Quality Control (FIQC) Online course.

FOCA Modules Include:

Module 1: Color Communication

  • Describing color
  • Color vision
  • Color subjectivity

Module 2: Visual Color

  • How color can fool the eye
  • Factors affecting our color vision
  • Munsell: Organized color

Module 3: Color Explained

  • The science of color
  • The 3 components of color
  • Implications of color component change

Module 4: Measured Color

  • Using color measurement instruments
  • Describing color with L*a*b* and L*C*h°
  • Understanding color tolerance

Module 5: Instrumentation

  • Colorimeters & Spectrophotometers
  • Instrument differentiation
  • Selecting the right instrument

Module 6: Appearance

  • Appearance characteristics impacting color perception
  • Addressing appearance characteristics
  • Creating a color quality program

Module 7: Wrap Up

  • Summary
  • Knowledge check
  • Certificate of Completion

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