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MA-5 QC Firmware v1.11

Imię: MA-5 QC Firmware

Wersja: v1.11

Wcześniejsza Wersja: v1.0

Data Wydania: grudnia 23, 2019

Typ pliku: Zipped Binary with installer

Pobierz: Binary Download


  • Install the MA5QC Utility tool by clicking on the file MA5QC_Utility_4.23_Installer
  • Open the MA5QC Utility tool
  • Connect the instrument with your PC
  • Select “Download Firmware to Instrument”
  • The new Firmware is uploaded to the instrument.
  • Check the instrument

Firmware improvements since v1.0

  • Number of stored measurements increased from 1,000 to now 1,800.
  • Speed of data export and file deletion has been improved.
  • Fixed issue that allowed accidental remeasurement of master checkpoints in QC jobs.
  • Optimized:  Shutter cycles for QC Jobs, Preparation for measurements, Auto Dark / Normal modes.
  • Improved factory reset (speed format internal disc instead of deleting files)
  • Improved memory handling with automated reboot if the device is on its docking station, scheduled at 3 am each day.
  • Improvements to  UI / Translations / Waiting Messages

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