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iCPlate2 Firmware v5_03h

Download:iCPlate2 Firmware

Version: v5.03h

Previous Version:v5.03b

Release Date:3/3/2011

File Type: PC - ZIP file

Download: PC Version


iCPlate2 firmware version 5.03h Use X-Rite FirmwareDownloader to upgrade iCPlate2/iCPlateII.
Note: This firmware applies to all iCPlate2 (X and XT) and iCPlate II (Basic and the Advanced) devices.


New... Support of iCPlate2 X and XT. Includes added FOGRA Measuring Bar (FMB) support. In the settings of the device, the measurement mode can be selected: iCPlate2 mode to measure according to the X-Rite iCPlate2 standard and FMB mode to measure according to the FOGRA Measuring Bar FMB standard.

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