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In this free whitepaper, Shoshana Burgett - together with other X-Rite color experts - discuss the importance of color management, and how color measurement can benefit businesses that care about color accuracy and consistency.

"When you measure a color with a spectro, the spectral data that you get is like the DNA of that color. That data can be a really valuable for anyone in the printing trades because it gives great guidance on things like hitting that color when its run on other substrates and processes, or predicting how the color will look under different lighting conditions.” - Brian Ashe, X-Rite Solutions Architect

Download this great resource today, and learn the following:

  • Why using a spectrophotometer is important in color measurement. 
  • How spectrophotometers improve color quality in packaging production workflows. 

As you and your team digest the information, be sure to reach out to our team with questions. We're happy to help! 




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Ci64 spectrophotometer measuring fabric


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