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Having the ability to measure effect finishes allows you to achieve the intended color when viewed from any distance. Certain special effect parameters – specifically sparkle and coarseness – show different characteristics depending on the distance of the viewer. The best way to achieve accurate measurement of color is to account for the sparkle and coarseness that gives a color its character. The MA-T family of multi-angle spectrophotometers coupled with EFX QC software is the ideal solution for accurately evaluating and verifying color, sparkle, and coarseness characteristics of effect finishes.

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Six angles of measurement coupled with color imaging make the MA-T6 the ideal instrument for quality control of effect materials.



The MA-T12’s twelve angles of measurement and color imaging enable the most complete characterization of today’s extreme effect materials.



Set and digitally communicate tolerances and measurement procedures for color, sparkle and coarseness and enable real-time monitoring of color harmony across the supply chain with EFX QC software.


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