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During this webinar, Bob Karpowicz, Color Solutions Project Manager, will discuss how X-Rite's Ci7x00 family of benchtop spectrophotometers is driving innovation within the plastics and coatings industry. Learn how this technology can help you streamline your color measurement process while delivering industry-leading accuracy and repeatability. 

Discover how the Ci7x00 family:

  • Combines the latest in 2D CCD array technology with sophisticated processing capabilities to deliver the industry's most accurate and repeatable color measurement
  • Simultaneously captures imaging data across multiple channels, and combines measurements of reflection and transmission to deliver new efficiency in controlling color
  • Delivers a 20x improvement of resolution and signal-to-noise when compared to common one-dimensional technologies
  • On-board digital camera allows images to be captured for each measurement. Any smudges, scratches or imperfections can be clearly detected and will accompany the measurement data.

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