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Are you limited in your current matching capabilities? If so, it's time to introduce MetaVue to your paint counter. This non-contact imaging spectrophotometer offers exceptional measurement performance, resulting in consistent and precise paint formulation. During this free webinar presented by Tim O’Rourke, Technical Support Specialist, you’ll see a live demo of MetaVue and everything it has to offer.


What You Will Learn:

  • Ways to get an accurate color match on textured, multi-color, or difficult samples
  • How MetaVue's smart spot removes shadows and tiny defects to establish a perfect match
  • Tips on how to measure multiple colors in one sample
  • How to adjust the measurement size from 12mm, all the way down to 2mm - no more sending customers away to return with a larger sample

The ability to measure a wide variety of items can be difficult if you are not using the right equipment. Sign up for this webinar to see firsthand how MetaVue can measure small, odd-shaped, multi-colored, and textured samples. 

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